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  1. Enter a list of product codes separate by a comma.
    Important: If you're ordering different sizes and/or colors of a single product, you need to enter that product code in the list as many times as the sizes and/or colors. For example: If you need to order Small, Medium & Extra-Large of SSTMT003, then you need to enter SSTMT003 three (3) times in the list below, separated by commas.
  2. Enter an initial quantity (ie. 1).
  3. Select a method of sorting, if desired.
  4. Click "Create List" button.
  5. Review generated list, change quantity and (if applicable) select size/color as desired.
    Important: If you're ordering different sizes and/or colors, each occurence of the product below should be a different size and/or color.
  6. Click the "Add To Basket" button to add all the products to your shopping cart.

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