Greg Ginn and The Royal We - Fearless Leaders

Greg Ginn and The Royal We - Fearless Leaders
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  • Unbalanced Crop Duster
  • Caravan Of Will
  • Cave Dweller
  • Fog Nation
  • The Fix Is In
  • Nuts And Some
    • Fearless Leaders is the name of the new Greg Ginn and The Royal We LP.
      ξIn live performance the one-man-band merges DJ aesthetics---via the use of a Mac---along with instrumentation including guitar, theremin, and synth. ξBest experienced in large doses, this instrumental electronic dance music is dreamy and evolving. ξThe songs on the LP will be part of a completely new set ready to be debuted live this year. ξThese Fearless Leaders will push you to the edge of the "musical cliff" but not let you fall over. ξBeats politicians.
    • All Songs By Greg Ginn
    • Produced By: Greg Ginn
    • Engineer: Mike Shear
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